Compassion in Action!


About US

Tara foundation is registered trust .It was formed with the vision for  “A world of peace ,harmony and well being”

Tara Foundation propagates compassion, loving-kindness, and wisdom for inner development that enables people of all ages, cultures, and traditions to lead a happy and meaningful life and to be of service to all sentient beings.

What We Do



We harness youth potential and provide a direction to the energy of underprivileged youth. We change young lives with the help of basic morality and universal ethics. Helping kids to grow and harness their Minds 


— Health and Social Care

 Tara foundation work to improve the access to quality healthcare services for the poor and marginalized communities. By identifying the root causes of healthcare challenges, we work at the individual, community, and systemic levels to develop innovative solutions and help implement quality healthcare services.


— Environment

Climate change is perhaps the greatest threat to sustainable development of the 21st century, Tara foundation is regularly engaging youth in many environment restoring activities including  plantation drive and others and building institutional capacity, and facilitating independent dialogue with civil society to help people live more sustainable lifestyles. 


—  Animal

Tara foundation believes that all sentient beings including Animal has equal rights and should be equally trated ,Our rescue and animal liberation project are contributing the 



—   Economic Empowerment

Tara foundation is  dedicated  to  revive  age old local art and handicrafts and also to generate employment and livelihood  for local youth .

Impact Stories

Helping Sujata for her Nursing program
Tara Foundation is happy to help Sujata Sahu, daughter of poor widow, in completing her nursing (GNM) 2nd year final examination.
Thank you Tsering la and Tselo la for helping this needy girl achieve her dream and become self dependent.